Very Rare
712K Pinzgauer 6-wheel drive
SUV-type vehicle

Upgraded and Modified:

   Warn winch 8274
    Custom bracket
Hella lights
    High intensity
    Front and rear
Dunlop tires
    Mud Rovers
    Less than 3000 miles
Petronix ignition
Video system
    Rear view
    Right side view
Custom skid plates
    Left and right
    Diamond plate and
Stereo system
    CD changer
    Cassette deck
    On-dash remote
CB radio
Sound deadening
    Front cab
Custom rear
    receiver hitch
Rear steps
Large custom
    storage cabinet
Gasoline heater
    Eberspacher BN4     Completely
24-12 volt converter
Multiple tie-down
    in rear section
Roof hatch
    Opens over
      front passenger

Pinzgauer 712K.
The 712K Pinzgauer 6X6.
  Pinzgauer 712K
   This 1975 vehicle is very unusual. There are about 500 civilian Pinzgauers in this country. Most of them are 4-wheel drive pickup-type rigs (710M). There are a number of 6X6 pickup-types (712M), and a few 4X4 SUV-types (710K). There are a few 6X6 ambulances. To my knowledge, this is the only 6X6 SUV-type (712K) Pinzgauer in the US at the present time, except for one other, owned by the factory. A Pinzgauer must be at least 25 years old to be imported into the US for civilian use. These models have gasoline air-cooled engines. The frame is tubular. The front wheels can be engaged, giving 6-wheel drive. The rear 4 wheels are under power all the time. All differentials are lockable from the dash. The T-case has high and low range. The low/low ratio is about 65:1. Top highway speed of this rig is 63 miles per hour.
It carries 40 gallons of gasoline, 20 gallons in the main tank, and 5 gallons in each of 4 gas cans in separate racks on the outside of the vehicle. Highway mileage is from 10 to 15 miles per gallon, depending on conditions.
This vehicle is an excellent off-road rig, and is an ideal family-camping vehicle. It holds an amazing amount of equipment and supplies, because of the extra space afforded by the cab-over design.
Parts are readily available, through several dealers and importers in this country.
Click on the thumbnails below to see enlarged images of the accessories and interior. Use the "Back" button on your browser to go back to the thumbnails.

   Front cab and rear seats:

   Stereo, CB radio, CD changer, on-the-dash remote, and GPS unit (GPS unit not included):

   Winch, Hella light, rearview video, sideview video:

   The blind spot in a 712 Pinz:

Sideview video (note - the Grand Cherokee isn't visible in either the inside rearview mirror, or the righthand exterior mirror):

   Hatch, video monitor:

   Folding rear steps:

   Generator compartment (generator not included):

   Rear Cargo Section (note - exhaust extension for extra internal generator):

   Skid plates and batteries (right protects gas tank, left protects batteries):

   Custom cabinet, and 24-12 volt converter:

   Eberspacher Gasoline BN4 Heater, completely refurbished:

   Tires, receiver hitch, 6WD & diff locking levers on dash:

   The 712K on the Pinzgauer Treffen, Leadville, Colorado, August 2000:

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